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Professional water tower cleaning makes significant impacts towards maintaining the structural integrity of water towers. Over time, dirt and mold can compromise the tower's paint, leading to surface rust and degradation. We offer many solutions to assist in maintaining your water tanks and towers.


Elite National Tank & Tower provides a variety of cleaning options for your water tank and towers. We clean and safely remove mildew stains on the exterior sides of water towers and water storage tanks. In due time the mildew stains causes damage to the painted surface causing it to crack, peel and flake which eventually leaves rust marks on the surface of the tank.


We high pressure wash the exterior of the tank at 3500 psi or greater using a biodegradeable solution to kill the root of the mildew growth. We then apply proper pressure washing techniques in order to clean the surface without leaving trail marks on the surface of the tanks.


The goal of the exterior cleaning for our customers is to save the current paint and extend the life of the coating system. 


Keeping tanks and water towers clean makes sure that bacteria, protozoa or even viruses don’t get a foothold in the water system.  These contaminates can find sediment in the floor of a water storage tank or tower an inviting habitat where they can hide, grow and even thrive.  Keeping the floor of water storage tanks clean reduces the risk of waterborne contamination in public water systems.


We offer two options in cleaning the interior of the water tanks and towers. The first is the most cost effective performimg a traditional clean-out. This involves draining the water from the tank and removing all sediment and debris from the tank floor. This is then followed by high pressure washing the tanks interior at 3500 psi or greater with a biodegradeable solution followed by a complete disinfection.


The second option is to use a certified diver to clean the sediment out of the bottom of the tank using a vaccum forced line and pump system. During this type of cleaning, the tank can stay online during the process. However, this is a much more costly method and prices vary drastically based upon the amount of sediment on the tank floor.


For more information on all of our cleaning services, please feel free to contact us today.

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